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The Paragon Of Metal Detecting
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Paragon Publications contain nine publications, three within the motor vehicle publication. This particular publication is called 'The Paragon of Metal Detecting and Archaeology'. This section is to encourage investigative discussion and to help expand our knowledge, views and ideas to the environment and our history around us.

Metal detecting and Archaeology is part of a wider range of interests of mine, mainly to support my scientific interests and to further re-search into our past, present and even future. The research collected from Metal Detecting and Archaeology can help us discover our origins, giving us a better understanding on how life came into being in what seems inhospitable conditions and perhaps, it will give us a step closer to answering the age old questions: Who are we? And why are we here? 
Geologist studying in the field of Cosmology are interested in comets and meteorite finds, to collate their origins and ask the question, did they help to establish life on our planets? They also map help in identifying possible hazards to life and explores the potential resources within our universe.

Metal detecting is also working closely in the field of Archaeology and has become a popular pastime for many like minded, by understanding geology, also helps us to discover the dynamics of our planet, looking at minerals and rock compositions.

During this journey we can rediscover our past, before the official records began, human history, making finds such as coins, jewellery, industrial artifacts, allowing us to fill in the blanks, like a jig-saw puzzle, for dating events and periods in our history.

Some have come to acknowledge, that metal detecting can help benefit the environment, farmers are now slowly coming around to the idea of allowing responsible individuals onto their land to pursue this pastime and are showing more interest to what is on and under their land. Metallic objects are disposed of; saving expensive repairs to farm machinery and on the odd occasion valuable finds can also benefit both the farmer and finder. If the find is important enough, it may well benefit the nation. From discovering Roman ruins to finding hoards of gold and relics, we must also remember, the pastime of metaldetecting can be fun as well as interesting, check out the sitemap and main introduction, it's not all highbrow, it can be fun for anyone of all ages. Overview introduction on each topic
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...was born in Sutton Coldfield, 1959, originally Warwickshire and now resides in the Bentley Heath area of Solihull, falling within the boundaries of Birmingham, England. (Still Warwickshire to him).  Educated in England, a post graduate in Education and Professional Development. Enjoys exploring archaeological and ancient histories, quantum theories and concepts including, space travel and planetary geology, to name but a few. "Finding and collecting the odd coin or ring can be exciting as well as enjoyable, challenging, like any interest, it requires the right tools to participate in it effectively. The right equipment and the background knowledge is important to fulfil one's research or study, requiring a good source of information at one's fingertips, allows one to put the jig-saw puzzle together, hence compiling a number of publications and what is better than sharing this research on a website site". We place the subjects on a pedestal, hence the name 'The Paragon'
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