Nine publications:
‘Paragon of Space’, ‘The Paragon’,‘The Paragon of Metal Detecting’, 'The Paragon Of Teaching', 'The Diaries of My Secondhand Cars to include: Diary of a 18 Year Old Beamer',  'Diary of an RX8 evolve', 'Diary of a BMW Z3', 'The Paragon Alternative History And Science' and the newest to the collection, 'The Paragon of Modern Aviation'.

All nine publications follow a personal interest of mine, mainly from an academic perspective and can be researched at specialised educational and research establishments, such as universities, private and commercial organisations, including NASA.  At least four of the topic areas are surprisingly closely related as you will see as you read on. So what are these publications about? You may well ask! In order of sequence:

The Paragon of Space is the second publication and is really an access point to looking at information researched, analysed, collated and stored via this publication on the website, a great way of accessing information away from home. It contains information or data on scientific topics of concern and interest to me and to those wishing to explore the various concepts debated. There are scientific theories, past and present and are open to interpretation for possible debate, asking some questions that could provoke new ideas and even a new paradigm shift away from our current debates.

There are topics and some videos linked to varied articles and have been carefully chosen via the YouTube media footage, discussing the ever changing theories: of ‘The Big Bang’ concept, is currently under review within scientific circles, Gravity, Relativity, String or M Theory, Designed Universe, the Big Rip, Holograms and four dimentional Reality, Pole-shifts, the list goes on. Looking at the ‘macro’ to the 'astronomical', black holes to the very small, and ‘micro’; below the atomic structure of Quantum Mechanics and not forgetting the concept of time travel. There is also a comprehensive index of data about the planets inside our solar system, dwarf planets and their moons, stars, comets, asteroids, newly discovered planets and moons. There are also sections on space transportation, from lifting rockets, planet rovers and not forgetting information on astronauts and listings of mission patches. . There is a useful desk containing, tools and links for the astronomer.

The Chaos within the ‘Cosmos’ this description may describe life, the building blocks and of the expansion to our universe, both as a paradox and/or as a metaphor a  publication to explore....

The Paragon is my first publication, based upon my experience of teaching in schools and colleges, looking at the power of words and how they can cut like a sword, affect emotion without even placing a finger onto another human being. How does one say something and obtain the intentional effect without having to revert to the extremes of violence? - Violence is the last resort of those that do not master the art of communication and education in general. With the skills of language and the word placed within the correct sequence. This can give someone satisfaction in the sense of winning the battle before it is fought automatically taking the high ground! This is something I have experimented with for many years and I can say, I am still fascinated by the concept even today; especially when I know that years on, the 'penny drops' for some, to those that bullied their way through life only to be later apologetic and guilt ridden and suffering with long term bouts of depression - a bio-rhythm as seen within nature, that is the machinery throughout the cosmos, the  momentum of time and it's effect!

When people mention poetry, it does seem to conjure up mis-conceptive attitudes however, some find the escape of the imagination a therapy, a blessing in disguise at times and gives inspiration, hope and energy based on one's mood. There are those out there, like the  ‘bulldog’ male, or even bulldog female, (without stereotyping) that may describe the pastime of following or participating in poetry, very feminine and will accompany their ignorance with overtones that mock. Perhaps these individuals or groups needs to reflect on their own personal profile or the way they were brought up in society and decide if it is categorised as a weakness or a strength? One can look throughout history of most leaders, the war generals to acknowledge why they reverted to poetry before and after battle...there is something in quoting the written form that holds a beat, the use of specific words that can inspire a Nation with the ability to march the people into war or celebration. Poetry is a large persuader of people stirring the emotions and mind-set;  imprint it to our subconsciousness, allowing us the scope to hang onto the finer and important refinements of life accompanied by meaning and at times humility. A good lesson for us all...

The Paragon of Metal Detecting & Archaeology is the third publication, (title updated, reflecting the  popular request in April 2016). As a metal finding tool, the metal detector helps us to look at Earth's History, the study of Geology, Rocks and Minerals. Just a few topics of many available within this publication that helps us to gain knowledge on getting to understand our home planet and what really goes into metal detecting.  We are still trying to discover the building blocks of life on our planet. By understanding our planet, we can learn to protect it. Another aspect to our Earth's history is the understanding of those that share it with us, the diversity of many life forms, unique to Earth. By studying our history, we will eventually fill in the blanks within a giant jig-saw puzzle. The periods such as the varied dinosaur species and their demise, opening up many doors  to question life and its’ evolution and possibly understanding and preparing for it's imminent end. An extension to 'The Paragon of Space', we look closer to our home roots - The ‘one grain of sand’ within a cosmic ocean. Life’s transportation, from comet, asteroid, or meteor? Meteorites and comets may hold a key to life on Earth and to the way planets formed generally. For those interested within the science, a metal detector can detect some variety of meteorite with metal based elements, one needs to be able to find them, hence the metal detector. Initially designed for detecting mines and has had its function redefined in recent years, from a novelty to something more, the metal detector has opened up research into archaeology, by looking for past history and the remnants associated with a particular or undefined period. Metal Finds, help us to identify and place within a particular timeline, within human history. Even before recorded history, we as a species learnt to read the land to  discover ways to profile human behaviour and our 'possible' evolutional route. With evidence, the support finds goes along way to supporting our hypotheses or theories. With recorded history, we can use the timeline to identify periods from days of Monarchy; identify the symbols on coins found in the ground.  'Soil finds', have often proven useful from a geological point of view,  pinpointing a period from, ice-age, newly formed oceans, deserts, volcanic events. The metal detector has provided new enthusiasm to both, researcher and the non-researcher alike and there are those that find enjoyment in discovering objects from history, some will call it ‘treasure hunting’ and it also is encouraging on the socialising front for hobby groups. Identification of finds of discovery through, 'Anthropology' (a study of human remains) - individual history and their previous lifestyles, their profiles of  our ancestors’ their personal possessions, all contributes to finding out who we are and possibly why we are here.

We cover many topics within this publication for the metal detectorist, such as conduct and respect involved in following this new pastime or hobby, the laws we also should follow and observe to maintain respect for our past and the requirement to pursue it safely,  the correct methods of research, tools required and guidance to how one conducts this pastime. Reasons for Laws, Liability Insurance, following the country code.

On a personal note, there is nothing wrong with having fun or the treasure hunt, I too like the 'not knowing' aspect side of metal detecting too; it is also a good way to meet people. I would like to think we may also remember to look at our moral obligations and responsibilities during this pursuit; by obtaining permission before going onto any farmer or owners land, agreeing terms and  respecting  land and live stock during the research. This publication will help give guidance.

The Paragon of Teaching The fourth addition to the set of publications from May 2012, and looks at the problems faced within the teaching professions today. I have specialised in this industry most of my working career as a qualified teacher and have seen many changes and experienced how bureaucratic interference has changed the face of education, however there is a fineline. Senior Head Teachers find themselves having to sacrifice performance, finance and bureacracy, for the teachers traveling a gauntlet of classroom abuse from children with social and academic behavioural problems to resources.  During my time in the classroom I witnessed and was disappointed to the lack of support given to the teachers in at times; a soul destroying environment. The events today to what is taught and not taught and the way it is taught, sounds alarm bells as one can see recently to the attitudes during the Covid-19 period, it brainwashes the new generations into learning a false or manipulated history, that is not in the best interest of of children, education in general or for our country. I did see long-term career teachers with outdated thinking, using outdated materials and practices as well as the backward forms of classroom management and attitudes that thought that administering discipline was a failure? In my opinion discipline is the foundation to becoming a responsible adult within society, it suggests there is accountability and consequences to one's actions and one will be judged accordingly, accompanied by an outcome, good or bad! So my thoughts clashed with others even then!

I also witnessed the Government's use of Criminal Records via bureaucrats or civil servants, (CRB later changed to (DBS) monitoring systems went a far way in destroying teacher credibility, (with hindsight, many possibly brought that on themselves if current events are anything to go by)  based on bureaucratic incompetency and far left attitudes, political manipulation for votes on a mass scale by particular political parties, pupil manipulation of their 'Rights' against the interest of teachers, some leading to court cases; requiring expensive court proceedings with 96% verdicts of not guilty findings. Call them: Teacher, tutor, instructor, lecturer, the psychological and in some cases physical 'bashing' from young people in the classrooms, to parents blaming the teacher, also parents diversion from their own responsibility or via their own mental depravity or  inadequacies in dealing with their child's positive route towards their education, can be questionable, the behaviour of the child sometimes mirroring the parent's own experience of  past attitudes towards education most likely will also have the wrong sort of negative influence. Children have 'Rights' and it is good they do, within reason! They are aware of them too, holding too much power! However, they are found to be wanting, lacking common sense values and importantly life experience on a practical level, to use an analogy: very much like giving them access to a candy store to look around and instructing them not to touch or consume the products; the system is abused, based on the child’s maturity and also possible manipulation or influence to look 'good' in front of their peers, for personal self-serving or to gain credibility’s within one's peer group? The moral compass, or deterrents have gone, personally, this has an effect on teaching and learning and has caused a decline in those wanting to enter this profession, it chimes the death knell; unless something is done to change this far-left culture of political correctness. Note: It is not all doom and gloom and there are those that love teaching and there are very positive aspects to the teaching profession; but in this climate one does need to look for it.  This profession needs to be reformed. This publication has been developed to support the teaching professionals finding themselves out in the cold and highlights some examples of being let down by the establishment and in the cases today, as  in writing this intro. in 2020, by themselves. This publication allows for debate.

The Paragon Alternative History And Science The eighth publication, (updated July 2022, extracted from The Paragon of Space Publication to make it a publication in it's own right), is a collection of ideas, possibly asking some of the questions that others will not ask as it may be addressing the 'Forbidden Sciences'. I may point out this  publication is NOT intended to be a based on Conspiracy, all information is researched however there are those that find viewing life 'outside the box' a difficult exercise or concept to adopt from the routes of convention. This publication inevitably does touch on the subject matter that clashes with convention, scientists try to stay clear of these areas for whatever reasons, usually it is down to continual backing and funding via convention. This publication as the new title suggests, it offers an alternative history and science perspective, viewpoints that may not agree with mainstream views and it does seem to provoke or prod to a 'hornets nest'... this of course, frustrating politicians, a minority of scientists, religious establishments and/or not forgetting the puppet masters within politics of the 'shadow world,' to say the least. Subjects  include: UFO's, The Sumerians and the Anunnaki, Mermaids, Crystal Skulls, Giants to name a few.

There are Scientists brave enough; now opening up within their ranks to sounding their voice and speaking out, exploring what was once stifled by bureaucratic control on such information, these areas are breaking down barriers, as the barriers of secrecy, paranoia of losing research funding and the loss of reputation in the past; did strike fear into researchers in the past. What has changed? Scientists are willing to share their findings across the board, dismissing the petty egos as was once was writhing within the corridors of power. Today these areas cannot be ignored and true science requires all options to be considered, the vail of secrecy is being ripped off, for the sake of humanity. The walls are slowly being chipped away,  as TRUTH ideally; should always prevail, whether it is good or bad.

A must! To allow people to process all sides to the arguments objectively and without bias, without ridicule to explore ALL options. Life was not created to be controlled by a select few, with extreme political ambitions and personal views based on a personal road to power, even though evidence may suggest otherwise; we all have the right to make decisions and make our own mistakes in the process to 'better' our societies in the name of peace, freedom, a democracy, naïve? Perhaps!

Religion does come into question for some, after studying the scientific aspects of our existence, the line gets hazy, by looking from a scientific vantage point and then to observe what is happening in and around the world today; with new discoveries and technologies,  the field of satellite and archaeological techniques have greatly advanced and emerged in the fields of research and the development of new tools to aid in the exposure of new discoveries. This site is only 'one man's journey,' sharing information and data that can be found in one place and research from many, the more we find out, it is true, the less we seem to know and understand as it creates further questions, what can be a familiar anchor point one day, will change the next day through collective evidence, allowing us to formulate a new hypothesis. Faith, science, politics and finance given the circumstances can co-exist, we have seen and heard of new discoveries around the world giving us the thirst for more knowledge and it is gaining momentum. What were myths and legends, we are now finding some of the evidence being rediscovered and does support some aspects of truth, the concepts are proving that once myth, they have become  a reality....sharing experiences through discovery, the truth is out there, so why hide it? Let us not hide it..... even scientist are coming around to the idea of 'the great architect of the cosmos', God?

Diaries of My Secondhand Cars - Includes:
The Diary of a 18 Year Old Beamer
- Back to earth! Within the latter part of 2014 had introduced another publication, the fifth, originally blogged via Facebook. On purchasing a Beamer in July of 2014, (It was 14 years old, however as the years have ticked on, like me, the BMW or 'Beamer' as it affectionally known gets older and therefore the title changes according to how long one has owned it, didn't think the title out at the time?)  I decided I would catalogue the problems arising from purchasing an older car. One or two people suggested ideas to solve mechanical and electrical problems and to share it based on the internet stream following, I decided to include the publication onto a newly created website as it can then be found all in one place and used as a resource of sorts. This publication has grown very quickly and has been reinventing itself regularly with new topics. (I have tried to only include the tasks I had worked on initially, this changed as time went on). With a front index, it provided workshop, references and a personal insight with my colourful opinions. By using the page numbering on the bottom of the page, giving a diary sequence, this allowed a personal story to emerge; sharing the trials and tribulations of owning such a vehicle. There is a section on history of this model of vehicle, useful tools purchases and costs involved to carry out the repairs, such as in parts used, step by step sequence of diary events, some serious and some to what have emerged  as being humorous  by all accounts from those that read the entries and gave feedback... This car has now moved on to another owner, after 4 years and I am really sorry to see it go. Fortunately, I did know the new owner reasonably well;  and new new entries will be added where and when, appropriate whilst it remains within their possession.

The Diary of My MAZDA RX8 evolve - A new project for November 2015/18 the sixth publication and the second car publication within the series. This car; the Mazda RX8 is a beautiful car to drive and a true sports car with a rev counter clicking 9 on the dial, not many cars have that or the 'suicide doors'. It always placed a smile on my face when it was working well! Unfortunately, it is a car prone to many problems, especially based around it's rotary engine. One describes it having to have a fuel tanker behind it and oil taker in front of it, with a garage mechanic permanently seated in the passenger seat, ready for the  hot and cold starts or in the RX8's case non starts. This car is not really for the everyday road, due to it's running costs, however great for the race track if you have got money! I do blame the manufacturers MAZDA for the way they marketed this vehicle knowing the faults especially the running life of the engine, requiring a rebuild after around 62,000 miles, half the life of a conventional combustion 4/6 stroke piston engine. Who else, makes cars like that? The RX8, Mazda hold held on to this little secret when it came to selling this product and it's average life expectancy all based around company profits and it proves a very expensive exercise for the consumer. Hopefully this publication can uncover some of the most common problems concerning the maintenance of the RX8. All the car publications are based on the same type of theme accompanied by the less than 'politically correct', or PC comments, with occasionally some humour. The humour is needed to make one feel better, especially when the hand or hands are having to reach deep into one's pockets, having to find the money to repair and keep the vehicle on the road. It doesn't help when government officials pile on the additional expenses, such as high car road tax, just to deter the owners and enthusiasts from driving it on the everyday roads. It is what it is, a great car in design and an excellent performance when the car is usable on the everyday road, however an opportunity thrown away by the manufacturer concerning too much self belief on it's reliability for the average Joe Blogs in a typical urban setting. Product and customer base support was also questionable. They will have lost many loyal customers and future trust in the developments of the Rotary Engine.

The Diary of My BMW Z3 - From June 2018, with a long journey initially to collect the vehicle and the trials of getting this car back on the road. This is the seventh publication and the third in the car series. One would think I should have learnt from the previous two experiences, however one always needs a car and what better way to go as purchasing a Z3, for the price and the mileage, this seemed to be a bargain, considering this model had just entered the classics list and gained a good value increase. This Z3 needed a sensitive renovation, being on the classic list however, also raising the prices on parts... This was another car with a beautiful shape and can be classed as a work of art, (that is, ignoring the dents and damaged paintwork it came with on purchase). One only needed to imagine the true shape of the bonnet/hood, (with the help of internet images and video). Like all my publications, they are usually just secondary or a biproduct, a record personal to me? These car publications have evolved somewhat since the start and generally they do highlight some of the most common problems that need to be sorted out on any new or replacement vehicle, preferably, without having to spend large amounts on car parts or garage bills. This is something one would like to believe, however never works out that way practically. There are of course the stresses, anxiety and frustrations one can expect when dealing with people and the problems that arise totally out of one's control. This car proved to be a great challenge, more so than the last two in some way, however I still had the problems and  personal expectations again;  dashed with being let down by others mainly; this time with suppliers and couriers; at this point it becomes personal, especially when having to start all over again and end up with further possible financial losses, this adds a little drama to the publication and can cause many delays and in getting one's pride and joy back on the road...frustrating, perhaps a case of Deja Vu, twice of sorts?

This car is now on the road and is a great enjoyment, still needing, just a touch of basic maintenance as described in the publication, ongoing... One car I am currently happy with and the results of my efforts. Joy!

The Paragon of Modern Aviation - From the begining of 2021 and at a point in time whereby the world has been going through varied turmoils of Covid 19, Wars of the 'left the 'woke, the 'cancel',  political  meltdowns in various countries, this period has given me the opportunity to again work on  breaking down the vast archives of the Space publication as it was becoming a 'monster' and there were parts that needed to receive more recognition within it's own right.  I hope I have given it justice... with the additional and expanded interests, includes easy access for the hobbiest. A great section on Military Aircraft,  sections on military ground forces, Drones. For the hobbiest the bridge or crossover from serving aviation to civil interests, a section packed in for the requirements of piloting a civil drone, the training and licensing of such technology. A small complementary section on Amatuer radio and links to the CAA noticeboards plus,  emergency frequencies. There is even a diary of my experience as a drone pilot, during Covid! Yes, (humbly)…ok that part has been brief and awaiting opportunity as to regulations and locations to fly.

The Paragon Video and Music Archive - Link for 2023      new!
This is a New section within the website featured via the 'Media Reference Portal' on the main front index page or bookshelf, this is mainly an archive of my personal collection of DVDs and Music in various formats, i.e. Vinyl, CD, DVD, Tapes.... This site is just a means of being able to archive or resource information as to be able to access it from wherever I am; via the internet. Some will know me for being a DJ and also having a short stint of being a radio presenter a number of years back and I was also responsible for The JazzParagon Agency linked to promoting musicians, models etc. I also helped on a couple of occasions with the Birmingham Jazz Festival with Big Bear Music within the Birmingham Area, West Midlands.
(Note: The Archive is 'A Work-in-Progress'...)

I wanted to have the relevant information at my fingertips, a personal account and a memoir to hold on to. The publications did prove useful concerning  timelines and also personal development; as one will appreciate when reading. (The Main website as a whole, has been up and running for, must be around 18+ years give or take, (this also includes some of the planning phases); it has been developed and expanded throughout these years and the music scene website may also be resurrected someday in some form, however commercially, it proved to be not viable for reasons quite obvious within the West Midlands without going into too much detail at this stage).

These publications came about through the suggestions of family, friends and past colleagues, some that participated; by offering constructive suggestions or comments... and the website has been a lifeline for filling up my time during the tedious periods and timelines, between jobs, let us say. All hands on the pursuit of programming and design of the website, this  has been a roller coaster exercise; with the odd help here and there from family during their minute or hour window, spare, especially when pushed into website corrective maintenance and/or possible ideas of improving the site. Thanks goes out to those I have received emails from, concerning the publications and topics from those finding the publications useful. Very much appreciated! I have considered streaming and that is as far as it has got so far, but I don't rule it out.

Please contact me via e-mail, (address above) if you feel additional topics could complement my bookshelf and one believes should be included within any of the set of publications mentioned. Do state the publication or title to which one is refering; or suggestions for possible new titles. All your source data and/or suggestions, remains your property and remains confidential unless you express otherwise. All contributions will be acknowledged within the publication accordingly - Enjoy!

Nigel G Wilcox
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