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This section may seem unusual on a non-bias research site, one likes to explore both sides to a coin and true science is about getting all information and data; no-matter how absurd it may sound. Some may describe this view of  'Forbidden Archaeology', as a  'Pseudo Science' or as a 'Nutty Idea' and one may tend to agree. The old adages springs to mind: "mud sticks." However;  we are dealing  with many educated, some high ranking officials; renowned scientists issue their findings and suddenly disappear or die soon after in mysterious circumstances, one does observe the coincidences, to think there may be some elements of truth within their claims. This section contains video presentations and documentaries, to be used as a vehicle to explore and for discussing alternative ideas from discoveries not discussed by conventional scientific establishments; or at least openly through 'conventional' and media outlets. One should be willing to change mind-set or experience a paradigm shift when sifting through large amounts of data or evidence that touch on controversial evidence, which most will overlook, due to stepping over their comfort threshold.

Linked with Archaeology, it is believed the Earth went through a dramatic change, civilisations could have existed thousands of years before Christ. Archaeologists based on their discoveries belive a number of theories, one being the earth's mantel rotated due to the amount of ice forming at the poles, forcing the Earth to change it's axis. Another is an astral body (a high magnetic influenced planet or object approaching the earth and changing the Earth's magnetic field, forcing the earth into changing it's  axis and pole reversal.

Advanced civilisations have existed and then disappeared, possibly because of this type of disaster wiping out many species off the face of the earth. Tectonics causing large land masses to flip over, burying any evidence of existing civilisations only to accomodate new and developing species.

Remains have been found of giants, possibly human, or a species visiting from the stars. (Refer to the Anunnaki tribe Space Publication on this site).

Check out the following videos:  Forbidden Archaeology

Scientific Research
Overview Duration: 13:16

Title: Secret Discoveries of Early Man [Full]
Charlton Heston narrates
YT Link: http://youtu.be/6oGqPc6poS4
Duration: 48:22 (with annoying 'skip adverts.'..)
Forbidden Archaeology - Introduction
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Title: Out of Place Artifacts To The Theory  of Evolution
Youtube Link: http://youtu.be/ZYfNYcush4M

Title: Supressed New Evidence of Early Man
YT Link: http://youtu.be/koYWznEIV50
Duration: 1:25:26  (with annoying 'skip adverts.'..)
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The Paragon Of Metal Detecting
& Archaeology
Why did the FBI decide some research could not be exposed to the public?
There are those that have, and those that don't, is it because of your DNA?  What is 'blue blood'? This only touches on the subject and are ideas for further research into the Forbidden Archaeology...

After viewing the video's above, checkout the Gallery of Giant skeletons dug out  from the ground. Do also note, these discoveries are not isolated and only in one place. These discoveries have been found in far off countries, seas, mountainous, and jungle regions going back centuries and across the globe..

You must decide, from exploring other avenues, scientific journals, research institutions (if allowed access). Some references can be obtained through watching these videos -  To give you a start at least, a subject worth pursuing.

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