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Hi! My name is Nigel Wilcox and this is my website, I do hope you find this information useful for your studies; if only, one in a life-time port of call. This site is free to visit and covers a number of topics that I have been interested in for many years.

Introduction to The Website Author:
Nigel Wilcox was born in Sutton Coldfield, Warwickshire and now resides in the Bentley Heath area of Solihull this falling within the boundaries of Birmingham or West Midlands UK.

Mainly considered an academic of sorts, from an Educational, Training and Development background however; I have experienced a number of different professional occupations over the years, some maybe mentioned within these topics. I do seem to spend much of my time developing the website and researching the topics featured within this collection of publications and also pursing accreditation in specific fields of study of interest. There are at times some personal references within my diaries that may appear to be slightly off topic, bearing in mind, this is a personal resource and a method for me to sort out and store information and is mainly a convenient place for me, to record and to store the events, it is what it is.....some may find my rants interesting, if not, just ignore them and move on.

The Origins
The website came about, mainly as a form of quick access to resources and a place to store the reams of collated researched information. This; I have gathered over the years pursuing my interests, to use and to develop for teaching within schools, colleges and other training establishments, for use with lessons and lesson planning. Today, as I get older, (yes, it hits everyone...)  it has nearly turned full circle, back to pursuing personal interests.  Previously, a number of individuals suggested that I opened the 'doors' to this information, as it could be of greater interest to a wider audience including them too! (as they needed resources within their occupational fields - always one-way isn't it...) the site could also be a vehicle for people to reference the material data for their own projects. This exercise has proven to be an immense task initially and really needed some sort of order hence; the book publication theme, a website from an internet access. The publications are considered to be individual websites in their own right and it has taken me many years and hours to compile this site; with frustration to develop, compile, to  produce and publish, to housing all the information of topics in one place. OK, it is not perfect by any means, one alone cannot master everything...however much we try; at times to use online resources by courtesy of other authors to bring together,  topics association to the publication, recording the author and source(s) of publications where possible.
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Nigel G Wilcox
Nigel G Wilcox
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What has really surprised me is the response from those using this site,  with many kind comments from the public and it  is not just from the UK!  I do look at messages from Germany, USA, New Zealand, Africa to name a few out of a long list. Some translation at times is required and can take time for me to  respond. This does keep me busy, especially through difficult times and is, much appreciated. (I do try to respond to all communication). If you wish to communicate with me, the synops, for more personal and in-depth discussions on the topics covered, or with even new potential exploration,  please don't hesitate into using the email address provided and I will try to answer any questions you may have. All emails are seen by me at first contact and remain confidential.  I hope you find this site useful and again, thank you for your visit.

There are Introductions within each of the publications - they do give a brief description of the topic. The main introduction button is found on the left side of the menu, of each page or one can hit the Site Map to search specific area of study.
This website is totally non-profit and non-sponsored...
What is new ?
One may ask? (pause) Let me think!... I am currently gathering and researching some information towards a personal memoir type of publication, again, it is only at the idea stage and is not definate; the idea could be described more as a history profile of my life, with possible 'worts an all', I haven't decided as it is early days within this project. (Now, this statement may have just placed a target on my back, ....especially from those that maybe a little concerned about what I may have to say, especially those that may have to come down from the trees, scraping their knuckles along the ground as they do ....or they may not have any interest in me what-so-ever, with me being 'cancelled,' gaslighted, mirrored and all that. (ref: A 2019-2022 left-wing, woke phenomena and so on......).  'The written time capsule', is something I have been thinking about for a while, No, No!, not the 'sniper' aspects..."Well,...nah not this time around! I know that I was born follow a blueprint, (good start) followed a life path and will part company to finish my earth bound apprenticeship one day and will most likely be forgotten the next day as a mortal, if not sooner. So to me, these publications are more than a 'time capsule', and for those that stumble across it, probably more through accident than anything. I'm just saying, 'I was here,'  in the form of some  'graffiti artefact'. It may be of interest to someone, perhaps! Who knows?  It is a way to be immortalised or to be seen as a primitive, on a basic level in the time of the 21st Century. Those that know me will probably agree on the latter...

I am just 'Joe Bloggs' (Nigel Wilcox) from next door',(just to coin a phrase). I know I am recorded within the Common Ancestry, isn't everyone?  I know this, as my elder brother is pursuing this area of study of Ancestry, for as long as I can remember, for as long as I can remember, for as long as I can remember, (have I said that already)?  The Ancestry,  is probably more of a difficult subject to pursue and to compile, as it does require much more patience and detective work,  the inclination and motivation for me, is much more than I possess on the subject. Putting that aside...  My past has not been straight forward, like many out there, especially as in regards to occupations, family life etc. And certain sources cannot be considered reliable towards the truth in terms of offering non-bias or possibly 'butt-covering self-preservation' responses,  however, they will have to dispute my version of whatever event that may take place and the truth will always emerge, no doubt! - Those divorced will understand my train of thought here, the truth is important to me, but one digresses.

Some individuals have found some dry and black humour in my writings,  this contribution has not always been a conscious intention.
Each of the publication are also updated when the current information becomes relevant and available, however; data is changing so quickly to the point where technology overtakes the abilities of the one personal input speed, it can become a full-time job, only without the salary, By just sticking to a select few interests, useful information with longevity and without too much financial and personal cost; seems to be the key...
This is the new cover for my new publication, if and when...
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