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As with all publications, there is the bit about me.... I am Nigel Wilcox, was born in Sutton Coldfield in 1959, Warwickshire, (sounds a long time ago) now resides in the Bentley Heath area of Solihull, falling within the boundaries of Birmingham within the West Midlands, UK.
I hold licences for cars, heavy goods HGV - i.e coaches, fixed cab lorries - Class 2 ADR, forklifts and I have had experience of driving tracked vehicles minutely, admittedly a while ago now, vehicles such as a chieftan tank and armoured personnel carriers (APC) on the training grounds in Germany. I have also flown solo in a Tomahawk  and have  200 recorded hours in the pilots seat flying around the Channel Islands and cherbourg France.

If you wish to communicate with me, (the synops), for more personal in-depth discussions on the publication topics, please feel free to use the email address provided below.

I hope you find this site useful and thank you for your visit and interest.

Nigel G Wilcox
Nigel G Wilcox
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Published 2021
Nigel G Wilcox
Mark email: 'Modern Aviation'
Publication Introduction
The Paragon of Modern Aviation

Welcome to the newest member of the Paragon Publications.

This publication: 'The Paragon of Modern Aviation' has been another interest of mine for recent years and like some of my other publications in this collection has evolved to a point; whereby the home to some of the data  requires it own space, based on the limitation or scope crossing the boundaries to the main topic offered  within a particular publication. This is a great opportunity and a good reason to create a new publication, this will allow for further data expansion and to introduce new topics that will interest the readers and clickers.

What is in this publication? Anything to do with terrestrial or conventional aircraft, from the fastest jet planes and prototypes to second world war aircraft and other forms of aerial transport. There is also a section offering useful information for those interested in Amateur radio,  hobbies such as  domestic and later commercial drones to name a couple of topics, this will grow depending on how my journey goes.

The latter topic: Drones, brings me on to the main reason why this publication came into fruition in the first place. I needed a platform to expand on this subject from learning to fly a drone for the hobbyist, to meet the legal requirements of the operator and flyer and how to obtain the skills to follow this pastime safely.  A diary is also a part of this publication; recording every step of the way, even the disasters when during the period of learning the new skills to fly the Drones. If good enough, this will lead onto Commercial application, possibly.

We are in the early stages of this publication and major developments will be evident as we go along, so watch the progress and if you wish to be a contributor. please contact me at the link below.
Aircraft And Military Development &
January 10.01.21
The Paragon of Modern Aviation