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As a responsible researcher, I am looking for Land Owners within the Solihull Area of West Midlands to allow me onto their land to responsibly metal detect and check for any Archaeology.
As I was brought up on a farm, I appreciate country practices and the farming culture.
Lets have a chat via email, (first contact) or in person?
Signed duration agreements, personally  insured and 50/50 on finds.
Much appreciated.                             06.01.20
Note: Site foundation completion -04.05.20 (Metal Detecting)  -

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Anyone out there within the Solihull Area interested in Metal Detecting West Mids, and has a venue, needs a buddy contact me on e-mail above  
Dated: 09.07.20
Don't Forget to renew your Insurance Liability for 21/24
You MUST hold liability Insurance if entering farmers property or land
Farms can be a dangerous place! Get Your Cover!
Have you made an Agreement in writing with the Farmer? Go to the appropriate section within the publication for a downloadable copy template, landowner/farmers can do this also if they wish
Farmers can also download the guidance for Farmers concerning the permission for Metal Detectors to be used on your land...

Make sure you have an Agreement between you and the detectorist (they will provide and farmers can amend) and check  detectorist liability cover and ID name, address; before allowing commencement - Those without should not be allowed onto property
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